Identity and Odissi Dance: Contributors April 2014

Shilpa Bertuletti is an Italo-Indian dancer, pianist and researcher. She completed her BA and MA in Oriental Studies from University of Bologna with distinction, specializing in Indian Theatre. Now she is attending the Doctoral School of Performing Arts at the same university, with a particular interest in Odissi and gender identity in contemporary India. After a long training in classical ballet, Shilpa has been awarded in 2013 a dance scholarship to study Odissi directly in India («Formare all’Eccellenza» from Comune di Bergamo), as well as a PhD scholarship (“Premio Morelli” from Rotary Club Bergamo) to conduct her fieldwork in Bhubaneswar. She can be reached at

Dali Basu Choudhury is an Odissi Dancer and researcher based in New Delhi. After graduating in Computer Science from the University of Ottawa, Canada, Dali was able to turn her attention to her passion for Odissi dance full time and was awarded a fellowship by the Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute to train in India. She completed a research project on the different styles of Odissi with the help of a fellowship awarded by the Ontario Arts Council, Chalmers Foundation. Dali can be reached at

Ranjana Dave is an Odissi dancer and dance writer based in Bombay, India. She is the co-founder and programme director of Dance Dialogues, a platform for the dance community to collaborate, reflect and explore ideas that inform their creative practice in multi-disciplinary ways. She regularly writes on dance for prominent Indian publications, including Time Out Magazine, the NCPA On Stage Magazine, The Hindu and Asian Age. She has worked on the online archive project, where she focused on curating an archive of the performing arts. Ranjana holds a postgraduate degree from the School of Arts and Aesthetics, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where her focus was performance studies. In 2013, she was a recipient of the Arthink South Asia Fellowship, a programme aimed at nurturing potential leaders in the cultural sector in South Asia. She can be reached at

Sonali Mishra is an Odissi dancer, researcher, and writer currently based in Bhubaneswar. She holds a BA in English from the University of Michigan and an MS in Public Policy and Managament from Carnegie Mellon University. Her primary areas of research interest include: international cultural policy, globalization and culture, and the role of culture in urban and regional economic development. She worked as a researcher in the nonprofit sector in NY before focusing on her dance career several years ago. Sonali has written for attenDance, Narthanam, and ArtsJournal. She can be reached at

Sanatani Rombola is a professional Odissi dancer based in Italy. In addition to teaching and performing, she is also an event planner specializing in Indian culture. She has been immersed in ISKON culture since birth, and spent a significant part of her life in Puri, Odisha where she developed a strong love for Odishan art and culture. She is actively involved in her local ISKCON temple, and regularly organizes youth-based initiatives to engage young people to spread the glories of Lord Krishna. She can be reached at

Debiprasad Sahoo is budding photographer based in Bhubaneswar with a passion for Odissi dance. He is also a web application developer and entrepreneur by profession. His photography page can also be found Facebook: can be reached at

Kaustavi Sarkar [Singar-Mani/Nalanda-NrityaNipuna/Odissi-Jyoti] doctoral researcher at Ohio State University, is an Indian classical dance educator; performing and teaching well over the past decade. She is the founder and Artistic Director of the Multicultural Center for Embodied Aesthetics, International Outreach and Social Activism in Columbus. Kaustavi teaches Odissi at OSU and is actively involved in the Diaspora. She has BSc&MA in Economics and has worked in New York, Kolkata and Mumbai as a financial analyst. She can be reached at

Laurence Le Bail Simon is an Odissi dancer and doctoral candidate based in the South of France. She holds a Masters Degree in Comparative Littérature, a Masters Degree in Esthetics, and is achieving a PHD at Paris 8 University in Odissi aesthetics.
Her publications include:
• Rodin et la danse de Çiva, under Katia Légeret guidance, Presses universitaires de Vincennes, 2014.
• Figures rythmiques : le temps et l’espace en Odissi » (rythmic figures : space and time in Odissi) : in revue LERIC n°1 dedicated to the question of space and time through intercultural views, directed by Mohammed Ben Jelloun, El Jadida, september 2013
• Le geste créateur : l’éloquence gestuelle dans le théâtre dansé Odissi » (creative gesture : eloquence of the gesture in Odissi danced theater), In Dialoghi tra teatro e neuroscienze, Université Sapienza, Roma, april 2012
• Des sens au sens : la sensation dans la pratique et dans l’esthétique Odissi », (From sensations to meaning : sense in Odissi practice and esthetics) actes de colloque hold in Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris Nord, march 201 http//
• “La dramatique lyrique du poème dansé odissi : une esthétique de la présence”, (Lyrical dramatic in Odissi ashtapadi : esthetics of presence), Cahiers Poétiques du CICEP, n°14, printemps 2010

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