Dynamics of a Contemporary Odissi: Contributors April 2018

Manishikha Baul is a dancer aspiring to be an independent-performer-maker heading zestfully towards her 40s. She has practiced Odissi for the most part of her life, managed arts organizations and messed with the corporate honchos.  Currently she is undergoing some non-normative transformation through theatre studies. She is inspired by the many walks (literal meaning) of people in cities and is working on her debut project, Chaari. Her teachers have been Sutapa Talukdar, Mandira B. Singh, Madhavi Mudgal, Rahul Acharya and Navtej Singh Johar. She presently resides in Delhi and her adda has been Gati Dance Forum for the past few years. If you bump into her on a street, market or station, know that it is but a character from Chaari. Manishikha can be reached at: manishikha.baul@gmail.com

Maya Kabir is an Odissi dancer, photographer, and entrepreneur based in Barcelona, Spain. She is a graduate in Social Work at Ramon Llull University. She also completed her postgraduate certificate in Language and Cultures of India and Iran by the Universidad de Salamanca. Maya teaches Odissi and at her own studio, Amrta www.amrta.org in Barcelona. And also she is the founder of Rajani , an online business featuring unique jewellery from India. Maya can be reached at: maya@amrta.org

Fatima Montero is a graduate in History (Licenciatura). She received her Masters Degree in Archaeology and Heritage (her thesis focused on the relations between the Roman Empire and India) by the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She holds a special diploma in Indian and Irianian studies by the Universidad de Salamanca. She was awarded an ICCR scholarship to continue her dance studies at Srjan Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Odissi Nrityabasa from 2014-2015. Fatima will continue her work to promote Indian classical arts in Spain by Ekadâ, the cultural association based in Madrid of which she is one of the founding members. Fatima can be reached at: asociacion.ekada@gmail.com

Supriya Nayak is an Odissi dancer from New Delhi, based in Toronto since 2015. Her work has been presented in India by the National Centre for Performing Arts (Bombay), Bharat Bhavan (Bhopal), International Odissi Festival and Odisha Dance Academy (Bhubaneswar), Sangeet Natak Akademi, Indian Council for Cultural Relations, and more. She has performed internationally in South Africa, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, China and the USA. In Toronto, Supriya has danced for Anandam Dancetheatre, Toronto Dance Community Love-In, Sampradaya Dance Creations and CanOSA andreceived support through grants from the Toronto Arts Council and Toronto Arts Foundation. She has taught Odissi at Ashoka University, Sahitya Kala Parishad, and others. Supriya can be reached at: odissi.supriya@gmail.com

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