Global Rasika is proud to launch the “Artist Initiative,” an effort to support dedicated and talented Odissi dancers by providing a virtual platform to showcase their abilities. It is our goal to highlight and support such artists and make their journey as a dancer a little easier. We are eager to provide them with global visibility and accessibility, which will help them transcend, (at least partly), the barriers of geography, language, network and finance.

We are thrilled to feature Bhubaneswar-based dancer JANHABI BEHERA as our first featured artist:



Photo Courtesy: John Merrell

Born in Cuttack, Odisha, Janhabi Behera’s active imagination and love of fantasy drew her further and further into the world of Odissi dance. Although she hailed from a middle-class family, Janhabi and her family dreamt of being a star in the Odissi field. With the encouragement of her parents and guided by her dreams,  Janhabi declared her wish to become an Odissi dancer. Fully supporting their daughter’s ambition, Janhabi’s parents enrolled her in the Orissa Dance Academy (ODA),  where she was initiated into dance by  Gurus Sri Ramesh Chandra Jena and Sri Yudhisthir Nayak. Her talent and drive was acknowledged from the very beginning. A dedicated and ambitious student, Janhabi knew a successful Odissi career would require a lot more than just talent: “Excellence cannot arrive from being talented alone. God gives talent, dedication and hard work transforms talent into genius.” With age and time she groomed into a finely balanced and a deeply expressive Odissi dancer.


Photo Courtesy: Arabinda Mohapatra

Known for her skilful expression and graceful movements, Janhavi has curved a niche for herself as a soloist and also as a group member of highly acclaimed Odissi repertoire of ODA in Bhubaneswar. Nurtured under the strict vigilance of Guru Smt Aruna Mohanty and guided by legendary Guru late Gangadhar Pradhan, she has performed in many prestigious national and international festivals as well as  several countries across the world. She has received many awards and accolades to include: National Scholarship by Department of Culture Govt. of India, 1st Prize in Odissi Dance at All India Telecom Cultural Meets (1995 to 2001), as well as the title of ‘SRINAGAR MANI’ Awarded by Kal Ke Kalakar, Sur Srinagar Samsad.  She has also conducted numerous presentations as part of SPIC-MACAY’s Workshop-Demonstration Initiative. In addition to her skills as a performer, Janhabi also excels in her abilities as a teacher, and has taught many students at ODA and other organisations in India and abroad. She served as a resident teacher at the Center for World Music in San Diego, California.


Photo Courtesy: Debojyoti Dhar

Janhabi’s vision is to promote the culture of Odisha in its oldest form of Odissi classical dance, whilst enhancing and supporting young and budding talents in the field.

Contact Information for Janhabi Behera:
Phone/Whatsapp: (011 91) 9437278450




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