Rasika Resources

Male Dancer

Photo Courtesy: Debiprasad Sahoo

Charles Wallace India Trust – http://www.wallace-trusts.org.uk/cwt_india.html

Dance Research AOTEAROA – http://dra.ac.nz/DRA

Finding Lila – http://www.findinglila.com

Alliance of Artists Communities – www.artistcommunities.org

The Dance Center –  http://www.thedancecentre.ca

University of Michigan Center for World Performance Studies http://www.ii.umich.edu/cwps

American Institute of Indian Studies http://www.indiastudies.org/

Dance Research Journal – Cambridge University Press – http://journals.cambridge.org/action/displayJournal?jid=DRJ

European Dancehouse Network – http://ednetwork.eu/

UCLA Department of World Arts and Cultures/Dance  http://www.wacd.ucla.edu/

Center for Cultural Resources and Training – http://ccrtindia.gov.in/index.php

Goethe-Institut – Max Mueller Bhavanhttp://www.goethe.de/ins/in/en/bag/uun.html

The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) – http://www.istd.org/about-us/

New York State Dance Education Association – http://www.nysdea.org/

National Art Education Association – http://www.arteducators.org

Ethos: Exploring the Odissi Spirit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ethos-Exploring-the-Odissi-Spirit/450219618380366?fref=ts

Seher: www.sehernow.in

Dance National Arts Center – Artsalive.com: http://www.artsalive.ca

Dancer Transition Resource Center: http://dtrc.ca

Dance Advantage.net: http://www.danceadvantage.net

Sanskriti Foundation: http://www.sanskritifoundation.org

Ministry of Culture – Government of India: http://www.indiaculture.nic.in/about-us

Airdanza: Italian Center for Research in Dance: http://www.airdanza.it/INGLESE/indexing.html

Dance Collection Danse: http://www.dcd.ca

Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies: http://www.limsonline.org/

Dance Notation Bureau: http://www.dancenotation.org/

India Foundation for the Arts: http://www.indiaifa.org

Dance Heritage Coalition: http://www.danceheritage.org

Asian Cultural Council: http://www.asianculturalcouncil.org

Akademi: South Asian Dance UK: http://akademi.co.uk

Dance Omi: http://www.artomi.org

Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation: http://inlaksfoundation.org

Indian Council for Cultural Relations (India) – www.iccrindia.net

Sangeet Natak Academy – www.sangeetnatak.gov.in

Narthaki – www.narthaki.com

Dance Dialogues – www.dancedialogues.org

Congress on Research in Dance – www.cordance.org

International Dance Council/Counseil International de la danse – www.cid-portal.org

Career Transition for Dancers – www.careertransition.org

Society of Dance History Scholars – www.sdhs.org

World Dance Alliance – www.worlddancealliance.org

University of Roehampton – Center for Dance Research – website


  1. Sirish Mishra says:

    I was impressed with the structure and content of the website. The recent posts by various contributors were quite informative. It gives you a chance to understand the challenges faced by aspiring Odissi dancers who want to make a career out of it. Congratulations on creating this innovative way of sharing information on Odissi dance form.

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